Learning through mistakes

Time is a tricky thing with big projects. I looked at the calendar and it appears that I have about 4 months to do my thesis in. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have 5 or 6 other projects on the go as well. However I think I need The Fear.

So I’ve been warping* an electronic loom for a couple of days now in an attempt to really get into the practical part of my thesis work. At first I thought I would just slap some warpthreads on and get weaving. I also had this clever plan for avoiding the backbreaking part of threading the warp through 16 heddles. Didn’t really work as planned, but I learned some important lessons:

  1. Don’t warp a loom when tired. It will never work.
  2. How to rescue the warp after losing the weaving cross. Twice.
  3. There really is no need to be afraid of wasting warpthread. Mistakes happen and most of the time it is possible to save the situation.
  4. You can put a new warp on by leaving a bit of the old warp, then tying new warp threads on them and then just pulling the new warp through the heddles. Saves so much time.

Still I ended up making so many mistakes (was very tired), that I had to go through the process of threading the warp anyway.

2015-12-03 10.21.17

See all that white thread on white thread. Not a fun process.

Some genius engineer could do the world of weavers a favour and re-invent the loom, so that this doesn’t need to done the way it’s been done for the past 1000 years. My spine will thank you.

*For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a blog with very good pictures: http://trashmagination.com/threading-a-warp-on-a-floor-loom/

Learning through mistakes

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