I’ve spent some time writing my thesis, thus the blog silence. I am hoping to get most of the theory part done this week so that I can concentrate on weaving for the rest of January.

2016 comes with a feeling that I want to change my life again. I want to discover what it’s like to have weekends. Perhaps start a hobby, that isn’t at all related to this creative process. Also I want to take time to appreciate what I have achieved so far, instead of feeling like I’m a character in a computer game that has increased a level. Every exhibition feels like a lottery win though and I hope that never gets any less intense.


Currently exhibiting at:
MINItekstiili 2015 -exhibition
@ Finnish Craft Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland

+ next up in 2016 ‘On the Surface’ -exhibition. If you happen to visit Jyväskylä, check it out!


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