Creative flow

I’ve written 15 pages of my thesis! Pretty amazing considering the amount of procrastination I also did. Now I feel confident enough to leave those pages for a while and start weaving again. As I may or may not have remembered to mention in earlier posts, I am doing my BA thesis on use of Saori weaving philosophy as a guide in creating woven art jewellery. My aim is to finish at least sketches if not make a few of the pieces (time is a factor). Hopefully in the near future I can finally have solo show, but we shall see. Gallery rents in Finland are hideous. Anyway, I have some pretty good ideas for the final art jewellery pieces, but I want to still experiment before I commit to anything.

While writing yesterday, I was slightly sidetracked into reading about the flow state, which Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes being a state of effortless concentration and enjoyment. When I do creative work, reaching this state of total absorption is what it’s all about for me. Of course there is also the need to express myself, but frankly I have to admit the feedback I get from the work itself is in many ways more essential. This is also the reason why I want to try to help others experience flow through weaving.

Therefore I am hoping that this spring I will have time to organise workshops for people to try Saori style weaving. I don’t have access to Saori looms, but I don’t think it will matter. I just need to make sure that the setting is right. No distractions, plenty of yarn to choose from, enough time and a challenge proportional to the weavers skills.

Creative flow

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