Survey on Saori weaving philosophy

If you do Saori weaving, please answer my survey! Takes only 5-10 minutes, is anonymous and will give me a huge help with my thesis work. Answer it here:

The reason why I am doing this survey is that I want to really understand the philosophy and see if there is much variety in how people practice it. What does Saori mean to you?

Eventually I will make my own interpretation of the 4-slogans and use these as a guide in my creative process. My goal is to make art jewellery and eventually exhibit, though some of this will go beyond the scope of my thesis. Initially the written work will be publicly available at, but I hope to also translate it into English and make it available either here or on my website. I hope that it will be of use to other weavers and artists.

Survey on Saori weaving philosophy

2 thoughts on “Survey on Saori weaving philosophy

  1. Interesting! I am a textile artist and saori weaving instructor, using Saori to create for myself but also to encourage Creativity in other people by sharing the philosophy. It Is all about letting go and just allowing that child-like curiosity and playfulness out, without fear of breaking rules or making mistakes. The emphasis in Saori is that there are no rules and anything you make is okay as it is part of who you are as a human being. I have just opened a studio in Winchester, England and if you are in UK anytime, you would be most welcome just to pop in and try out the looms! Best of luck with your thesis – your work looks lovely! I weave with anything and everything on my loom, experimenting at the moment with paper yarn but really interested in trying out copper wire. Amanda x


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