Experimental Saori weaving

Firstly, thank you for everyone who participated in my survey, the link is now closed and I will start analysing the results!

Secondly, here are some details from the weaving experiments that I’ve been doing:

As I wove, I wanted to keep in mind impressions I have of urban decay around where I live, things like mold, rust, moss, lichen, graffiti, broken surfaces etc. Layers of organisms and marks left by humans. I ended up using a lot of natural fibers and combining them occasionally with plastic or metal (or faux fur). I also did some rust dyeing and felt printing. I particularly liked the black felt because it looks like some kind of toxic mold.

Overall I did about 3 meters of weaving and it took such a long time. Although I didn’t plan any of it, I spent so much time trying to create impressions of what I’ve seen, that I might have strayed a bit from pure self expression of saori. However this will help me with the next phase of my thesis.

Experimental Saori weaving

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