Woven jewellery experiments

My thesis process is nearing completion. I’ve finished the sketches and made some woven experiments based on them.


I thought about making all kinds of geometric woven shapes, but realised that most beautiful would also be simple; just straight woven pieces, worn around the neck. This means that I would also have to work in miniature, with thin yet dense warps.


Detail and more detail! I couldn’t help it and now I am wondering if I even have the ability to restrain myself to few material combinations. I feel that my inner design student is having a constant argument with my inner artist. The artist wants to focus on pure expression with the cost of aesthetics and the designer is screaming for pure lines, symmetry and complimentary colours. I know how to do beautiful, I just don’t want to commit to it. The end result is somewhere in between; not entirely commercial but not too provocative either. The Scandinavian greige has taken root in me too.

I hope that the Saori -philosophy will eventually help me find the sort of balance I’m happy with and maybe then I can hop between being a designer and an artist in a way that works.

I am also hosting some experimental Saori workshops at my uni this week. I’m curious to see if I can teach.

Woven jewellery experiments

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