Process of accepting one’s own work

I finished it! The dreaded BA thesis is done! What amazes me is that despite having done two other degrees before (although on a totally different topic), I still feel like I’ve completed a marathon.

Although the actual work is done, the creative process still continues. Despite the euphoria of finishing the report, I’m unsure about the finished art piece. This melancholy about the work is quite normal for me, although still an unpleasant part of the process. However it has never been an indicator of the quality of my work and I try to focus on this. Perhaps the confidence will come as I gain more experience. When I spend a long time looking at the work in progress, it becomes difficult to see past any mistakes in technique or content. But give it a month or two and I might feel differently about it all then.

Here is a little peek at the finished, Saori inspired art jewellery piece, ‘Corrosion’:


My brother is a blacksmith and helped me out with the metal pieces. It’s great to have other artisan resources at hand, so I can combine my skills with somebody else’s.

I will be translating my thesis to English during this summer (or hopefully even sooner) so that anyone who is interested in reading about Saori inspired art jewellery can do so. Particularly I’m thinking about those of you who participated in my Saori survey few months ago. The results were interesting!


Process of accepting one’s own work

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