Head out of the woods

After about a month of intensive art collaborations, workshops and general ‘routine’, I’ve had my first proper weekend at home and not spent at least partially at the art residency or doing things related to it. It feels a bit like getting out of a roller coaster, with hair a mess, slightly dizzy, nauseous and with that ear ringing silence after the carts and the rider’s screams have suddenly stopped. Today I woke up at 5 am and noticed that I have a really strong feeling that this summer has to come to a close soon. I want to get out of the woods (literally) in the middle of nowhere and come back to the city. Update this blog more often. Get started with figuring out if my newly acquired, cheap and very dodgy workspace has mold on the walls, or not, in which case I can still make it work. Spend some time at home getting adjusted to the scary reality of not being a student anymore.

All major projects start to feel a bit like work after a while and I cannot wait for this particular creative cycle to reach its conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my slice of opportunity and creative heaven. Still, I have always loved autumn most, because it feels like a time for new beginnings. I am never the same person I was in the spring and again it feels like it has been three years, not three months.


Just look at that Simpson’s blue sky, space and the calm. The silence in Kuusisto is spectacular in its ability to both clear and numb the mind of a city dweller like myself. Time to come home soon.

Head out of the woods

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