Noctuary Art

I have teamed up with my little brother who is a blacksmith/carpenter/to be ceramic and glass designer and set up an Etsy shop to sell our craft products and artwork in! Check it out and if you have an Etsy account, please like my things/add my shop to your favourites 🙂 In future we will also stock downloadable colouring pages, more textile pieces, ceramics and jewelry.

Also, my studio space is slowly becoming habitable. Feels really empowering to be able to do almost all the work myself, since until this week I had not used power tools before (unless a sewing machine counts) or had the opportunity to fix something up for myself. I even mixed cement and found out I can carry those 25kg bags without breaking my back (only just). I think cement/concrete art experiments will be happening soon…

It is my space and will be made to look and feel how I want it. On the downside it is located in an old barn, the walls are covered in styrofoam for insulation and I am pretty convinced there is mold underneath and the stress of this all has made me uniquely insomniac in the sense that I can only sleep every other night when I am usually exhausted enough to manage it. It will be worth it. I hope. In any case it is the only place I can afford, so it’s either this or not working, which is not an option.

More updates soon with the before and after photos. I can promise you it will be a shocking difference.

In other news, I am practicing for a handfasting based performance and ceremony for a friend’s wedding. I say performance because this is definitely my own take on a handfasting and I am not officially a priestess. Finally an opportunity to dig out my old Beltane stuff and the body paint!

Noctuary Art

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