I must work

And nothing shall get in the way. I have to work or I will go mad. Also I desperately need a space for my materials and there is a lot…Anyway, here are the before shots of my cheap and dingy studio:

It was really horrible. I have lived in places that were marginally better, but at this point in my life, this was really horrible. It was dirty, dark, cold, damp and dusty. The previous tenant had left a van load of his stuff to rot in there. None of it was worth salvaging. And yes, that is styrofoam covering the walls. I don’t even want to know what is growing under that stuff. And there had been rats.

However this was all I could afford, so I decided that I will make it work. How hard can it be?

Turns out not very difficult, but certainly laborious and the process did require some imagination. This is the end result:

I painted and covered every surface with something and now it at least looks ok and is fairly clean. The styrofoam is still there though…The things I do to work.

I must work

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