Conclusion to the artwork ‘Secret places’

At the beginning of this summer’s artist residency program at Kuusisto Art Manor, I came up with the idea of creating ‘Secret places’ around the manor gardens and the nearby nature reserve area. These places would have to be found, because there is real joy in the surprise of discovering new things. I wanted visitors to spend some time in unique natural places and perhaps remember some memories associated with that place or similar places. Perhaps also to be fully present in that one moment. These spots also had an activity to try; weaving.

I built earth looms to suit each place using linen thread for warp and the natural forms of trees and bushes as the frame needed for weaving. They were very simple, so no previous experience in weaving was needed. Everyone would have the skills to build something out of the materials found in the nature around them. I also included little notebooks near each loom to record ideas and thoughts in. I made three ‘Secret places’ and two of them were successful. These were located in the nature reserve area, quite near the main path. They were easy to find and built in such way, that they would not permanently change their surroundings. The one located in the manor garden was perhaps too difficult to find, as people did not weave much on the loom there. The weavings that resulted in the other spots were very interesting. Although they were not perhaps aesthetic to every eye and certainly not usable, they were unique and had the marks made by many people who took a moment in the flow of time and spent it without hurry or stress. The thoughts written in the notebooks were wonderful reading and made me feel like this project has potential to be developed further to reflect different natural surroundings and express the thoughts, memories and stories associated with them.

Where are all the ravens?…Someone is cutting the grass. The sound of summer. Reminds me of childhood home and summer days. Taste of new potatoes in my mouth…This artwork looks like a harp…Surrounded by the trees, it is good to rest and listen to bird songs. A blackbird is telling stories…Here the air is fresh and wonderful…This place reminds me of sacrifices and beliefs…We saw white tailed deer…I heard the grasshoppers…


Conclusion to the artwork ‘Secret places’

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