A career manifesto for 2017

So I had a bit of a sabbatical from everything and haven’t kept up with social media very much at all for the past couple of months. End of 2016 took its toll. I think I need to switch off more often in order to create more clarity into life in general.

However regular updates are resuming now. In the previous 2 months I have learned some important life lessons:

  • Work needs to be more than just a way to keep me financially afloat. It needs to add a sense of fulfillment and flow, since one devotes most of their active years to it.
  • One should be able to have a dialogue with one’s boss and co-workers, otherwise they might as well invest on a robot.
  • Repetitive work is not for me on the long run.
  • I need to make sure that life is not so hectic that I don’t have energy for my art practice, which is not a hobby like they tend to hope!
  • Stop spending time with people who are negative, acknowledge it’s their way to show they care and move on.

I want to believe it’s possible to successfully pursue multiple career interests simultaneously and hopefully they will converge a bit more in the future. It doesn’t mean one is indecisive in life, just that humans tend to have a broad spectrum of passions.

A career manifesto for 2017

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