I will never…

…make a craft piece with rya knots. That is what I’ve said many times, very loudly. I’ve always felt that the traditional Scandinavian rya weavings look really dusty and heavy, like they belong in a museum. But guess what, I’ve gone and changed my mind a bit!


I still think the traditional looking woven wall hangings are pretty dreary, but modern mini rya’s can be fun. I am planning to make about 15 of these 15x15cm pieces and they will all be sold in Noctuary Art! You can buy just one to add a 3D -element to your home gallery wall, or get several and make a unique decorative element. I am really enjoying making these (=it’s taking over my life) and there will be a variety of colours and materials to choose from.

I have also decided to stick with textiles and the little brother’s art products in N.A. He is going to have some pieces made with ceramics and blown glass for sale soon! Art prints will be sold elsewhere later.

I am having a St. Patrick’s day sale in my shop between 17-18 of March. 20% off from craft pieces with green on them 🙂

I will never…

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