It has to be some kind of weird universal fact, that when you go changing one thing in your life, everything else wants to change at the same time.

I’m now employed full time, at least for the next 6 months and that has already started to affect my creative life. Not in a bad way though, because I still have energy after work. It’s nice to actually do something that keeps challenging me enough. If anything it gives me more energy, so I’ve started to do yoga quite actively and also draw more. I also did a short, weekend long etching retreat and want to do more ceramics. Time goes by quickly and sometimes it feels like a slippery slope.

I’m also looking for a new home, so that’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Also heard from my father for the first time in about 5 years. Part of me really wants things to just stay the same, but I can’t keep living in the past.

I’ve quit my participation in the Art Manor project, because I want to concentrate more on my own creative work. Anyway, I still have my collaboration with the Left Overs collective, which I am very happy to be part of. At the moment we are working on a huge knit graffiti piece, which will be exhibited in May, by the riverside in Turku, along with 60 other knitted yarn bombs. To top everything off, I’m also studying creative business at a local business hatchery. I think I’ve finally managed to clarify my plans and it might just be, that Finland will get its first Saori weaving studio in the next 3 to 5 years time…


A career manifesto for 2017

So I had a bit of a sabbatical from everything and haven’t kept up with social media very much at all for the past couple of months. End of 2016 took its toll. I think I need to switch off more often in order to create more clarity into life in general.

However regular updates are resuming now. In the previous 2 months I have learned some important life lessons:

  • Work needs to be more than just a way to keep me financially afloat. It needs to add a sense of fulfillment and flow, since one devotes most of their active years to it.
  • One should be able to have a dialogue with one’s boss and co-workers, otherwise they might as well invest on a robot.
  • Repetitive work is not for me on the long run.
  • I need to make sure that life is not so hectic that I don’t have energy for my art practice, which is not a hobby like they tend to hope!
  • Stop spending time with people who are negative, acknowledge it’s their way to show they care and move on.

I want to believe it’s possible to successfully pursue multiple career interests simultaneously and hopefully they will converge a bit more in the future. It doesn’t mean one is indecisive in life, just that humans tend to have a broad spectrum of passions.

A career manifesto for 2017