On the surface

I’m currently participating in the Pinnalla (On the surface) exhibition at the Craft museum of Finland! If you are in Jyväskylä, do check that out.


Dates are 12.3-5.6.2016.

On the surface

Still here

A lot has happened in the last 3 or so weeks and I have been very very busy. Again, very grateful for all the survey answers, will close that soon and start making a summary of the results. I still haven’t finished the first draft of my thesis, but it’s coming along in other ways (though The Fear is ever present). I have woven about 3m of my first Saori piece and gone quite deep into experimenting with materials. I wanted to keep to just plain weave and focus on creating organic surface texture in other ways. This feels more natural to me than following a difficult weaving pattern. There is time to think and chance to get excited about the materials.

I also had a holiday! First proper one in years and it was so good and needed. I didn’t think about my artwork or the process at all, didn’t even take photos of the amazing things I saw, because I felt that it would sidetrack me into thinking about how to use everything for inspiration. I think this was good, because now I feel that I know what the next step should be with the thesis process. Although I could keep experimenting, the time limitations require me to find a way to stop and move onto making sketches of the finished pieces and writing the blasted report.

However I am still determined to apply for one more exhibition this spring and have been working on a side project, that is a bit of an offshoot from my thesis ideas. I call it ‘Field Notes’, again with the idea of combining fiber art and my experiences in natural sciences and scientific field research methods. The work deals with my observations of urban decay and how it can be a marker for today’s attitudes towards ownership and value, as well as a site of released pent up creativity and aggression. And then new, beautiful and sometimes dangerous worlds grow on top of it all! Some work in progress (still need to do finishings):

2016-02-16 16.25.18-2

Although the piece is called ‘Field Notes’ I wanted to also name my ‘samples’. From top right to left: Collision of two cultures, Tension released, Behind the sofa, Corner, Object, Lives in the damp, Skeleton, Valuable memory.

Still here


I’ve spent some time writing my thesis, thus the blog silence. I am hoping to get most of the theory part done this week so that I can concentrate on weaving for the rest of January.

2016 comes with a feeling that I want to change my life again. I want to discover what it’s like to have weekends. Perhaps start a hobby, that isn’t at all related to this creative process. Also I want to take time to appreciate what I have achieved so far, instead of feeling like I’m a character in a computer game that has increased a level. Every exhibition feels like a lottery win though and I hope that never gets any less intense.


Currently exhibiting at:
MINItekstiili 2015 -exhibition
@ Finnish Craft Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland

+ next up in 2016 ‘On the Surface’ -exhibition. If you happen to visit Jyväskylä, check it out!