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Creative process is not linear

Efficiency is trying to creep into the creative process. I notice that often one is expected to start with a brainstorm and research, pick an idea, sketch, take it to photoshop and voilà, have a finished design. I’m not sure if anybody works like this and if it is the norm, then I will be in trouble. I have never been able to stick to a linear process. Creativity is just not supposed to be efficient, because every idea has its own life cycle and will take time to mature. I think that we are expected to be very busy and constantly bring out new innovations, when people would get more pleasure out of good things that don’t happen very often. Like eating strawberries only when it’s summer.

As a part of my thesis plans, I tried to visualise my creative process and this is what I came up with:


There are many opportunities for turning back, working in circles and even returning to the start line. Also sketching doesn’t play a large role. I usually have something that looks like a 3-year old’s drawing in the corner of my diary and that’s that. It doesn’t matter though, because it’s for me to understand and I resent having to produce sketches just to validate my work. I know sometimes there is a place for them, but personally it’s not my thing. I much rather fiddle with different fabrics/yarns/fibers/metal hardware etc. and then get to work.

For the past couple of years I have been obsessed with copper thread that has originally been meant for electrical work. I don’t know why it has stuck with me for so long and I prefer to keep it a mystery to myself. I love the colour, the shine and the fact that one can shape it. I didn’t start any of the following artworks with sketches, I just had lots of copper thread and began to crochet, knit or weave with it. More conceptual ideas came afterwards. This autumn I was sure I had finished with the material and that it had ‘come full circle’. However now I am kind of tempted to try again with it.




Creative process is not linear