Churning out printables

I’ve started a new temp job as an industrial seamstress and I can tell you it is HARD work. I must have made about 600 pocket seams today.

This adventure into the world of textile industry is a bit of a desperate measure from me, because I panicked about the employment rate of artists. Also I have always been a student and since graduating I have to change my whole life very quickly. Thankfully I can keep studying away independently on Skillshare and now on Lynda.

Anyway, as an antidote to freaking out, I have started to toy with some new career development ideas and thanks to Etsy, am now very fascinated by SEO and online marketing. There is so much to learn and I am surprised and pleased to find out that I am enjoying the process a lot. In an attempt to experiment with all of this a bit, I’ve made some downloadable prints that function also as coloring pages. I recommend using metallic markers on everything. It looks amazing.

The theme in all of these is ‘Tools of trade’, for those who want to express their artisan profession or hobby with pride. Check them out in Noctuary Art! More of these and a wall calendar of this theme is also in the pipeline and available on Etsy soon.

P.S. I’m also now on Twitter as @MirvaKuvaja

Churning out printables