Reconnecting with my skills

Recently I’ve done a lot of drawing, although in the past it has been such a conflicting activity for me. I’ve always drawn, obsessively for 10 years since I could hold a pen. It got to the point where I would draw on myself if I ran out of paper (or margins…). However, it burned itself out and for a long time I didn’t dare make a mark on paper. This time it has come from the subconscious mind instead of ambition. For this reason trying to explain the work makes the meaning hide itself even more. My goal is to keep exploring this surrealism and see where it leads. Here is a piece I’m working on:

It’s spring and there is a fox in my garden.

I make a few strokes on paper and then add to it depending on what comes to mind. I will finish the images digitally, so they will be a mix of pencils, inks, watercolour and pixels. Interesting how urban decay still keeps popping up. I’m tempted to make these into prints and sell them somewhere online.

Reconnecting with my skills